Our Teachers

Kerry Hayward is our director. She has a B.A. in Elementary Education. She has been a teacher, co-teacher, substitute, mentor, tutor, and volunteer with various age groups, primarily kindergarten and preschool. Prior to staying home with her own children, she worked as a Program Specialist at Missouri Accreditation. Mrs. Hayward and her husband, Kevin, have two daughters who are Carousel alumnae.

I'm Lizette Somer, one of the teachers at Carousel Playschool. I have a passion for helping children learn and grow, and am excited to share my enthusiasm with the kids at Carousel. Although my background is in Finance with a B.S. from the University of Tennessee, over the years I have stayed active in education, serving in various volunteer positions working with all ages of children from babies to teenagers. My husband and I have one daughter who is a Carousel alum. Both my daughter and I count some of our closest friends as those we made during her preschool years at Carousel. Carousel Playschool is a special place allowing parents to be involved in their child's first school experience. My wish is to continue in Carousel's rich tradition by providing a fun and nurturing experience for the children.